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We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions which you will no doubt find useful before your first trip to Mar-Peche.  If you are thinking of visiting the lake, then we strongly advise you to firstly visit our website, read all the information and a copy of the rules which will no doubt answer many of your questions.  We pride ourselves on having very few rules, so if you wonder if something’s banned and it’s not mentioned here, or in our rules, then it’s not banned!

Q. Why is the lake called Mar-Peche and what does it stand for?
A. The full name of the lake is, Lac du Martin-Pecheur.  Martin is French for King, Pecheur means Fisher and Lac means Lake – so there you have it – Kingfisher Lake!  Then, to make it easier for everyone we have shortened it to Mar-Peche.

Q. Are there any bait bans on Mar-Peche?
A. Not really, you can use virtually anything. All types of boilies and particle (beans/seeds/maize, etc) baits are allowed but we do of course expect you to make them safe for the fish to eat, so please cook all particle so that they can be easily digested. And one last point – if you wish to use maggots, then we do not allow dead maggots – only live ones, as large quantities of dead ones can turn the water foul and put the fish off feed!

Q. What quantity of bait will I need for a week at MP?
A. Mar-Peche is not an 'overstocked hungry water' so big quantities of bait are not normally needed. However, we do suggest a minimum of 15kg of boilies but it's always a guessing game. If you get the fish feeding properly on your baits you'll wish you took more. If you don't have much action, then 15kgs will have been too much! We do have freezers on all fishing banks so excess bait would not be wasted and you could take it back home with you.

Q. What's the best boilies to use?
A. Mar-Peche sees lots of different boilies every week, our carp don't get pre-occupied with just one type. Therefore, we advise you to bring your favourite boilie that you are most confident using in the U.K. Floating baits don't usually work on Mar-Peche but suspended baits and those presented on zig-rigs can work.

Q. Can I used barbed hooks?
A. Yes you can use barbed or barbless hooks.

Q. Are there any restrictions on what lines I can use?
A. No restrictions at all – you can use any type of main lines (nylon, braid, leadcore etc and any type of hooklinks. We recommend no less than 15lbs breaking strain.

Q. What about rigs on Mar-Peche?
A. Apart from 'no fixed leads' (which is obvious), there are no restrictions – use whatever you like.

Q. Do I have to cast long distance to reach the middle?
A. No you don't, there are several swims that fish the corners of the lake, like Heron Point, Goose Point, The Nook and Romany Bay. If you prefer to cast fairly long then swims like, Harrison's, Fallen Tree and Right Hobbits give you that option but always remember fish can still be caught at close range in all these swims. The longest cast you could make from these three swims is perhaps 120yds to reach the central area.

Q. How do I pick my swims?
A. We have a draw for swims at 2pm French time.  If you've not been before we advise you to be ready to enter the fishery at 1pm (the earliest you are allowed on the fishery) so that you have an hour to walk round and carefully look at the swims. There are about ten swims. Then it's best to make a note of your preferences, not just your first couple of choices as these might be gone by the time you get your turn to pick!  A maximum of eight anglers are allowed onto the fishery, so make a note of your choices when the time comes! Our full time bailiff is usually on hand and can answer any questions before the draw.

Q. What if I arrive late?
A. The draw is done at 2pm and if you arrive during the draw, or after its been done, you will have to chose from whatever swims are left. The draw will not be done again.

Q. If I book a fortnight, do I have to withdraw from my swim on the second Saturday and go in the draw again?
A. No, you have first choice for the second week and can either stay in your swim, or you can move into a swim of your choice before the draw takes place. Anyone is allowed to move into any vacant swim at anytime during their stay at the fishery.

Q. Can I drive to and park near my swim?
A. Yes you can drive to all swims and park at the back of every one. Please keep driving around the lake to a minimum, thus preserving the condition of the tracks and always leave by your nearest exit. There are two entrances; the main one behind Heron Point (where you must wait on first arrival) and the other is in the opposite corner between The Nook and The Cove.

Q. Can I expect to catch lots of fish?
A. No, you cannot expect to catch lots as Mar-Peche is an understocked water with a very high average size of fish. The stocking density is kept low to ensure an abundance of natural food and therefore maximum growth rates and huge fish. The lake is best suited to the experienced angler who is happy to sit in lovely, quiet surroundings waiting patiently for that 'big one'. If you are looking for a 'runs water' then Mar-Peche is not for you!  Maybe you should try our ‘sister water’, The Labyrinth, which is somewhat easier.

Q. Will I be able to keep my phone charged and will I have to wind in to visit the loo?
A. There is power and water in most swims and toilets on all three fishing banks (there is one bank with no swims), so you can continue fishing 24/7. We have no objections to you leaving your rods out whilst you go the loo or visit your friend for a cuppa in a nearby swim, as long as you can hear your buzzers or you carry a receiver.

Q. How long an extension cable do I need to bring if I want to run power into my bivvy?
A. A 20m extension cable will reach bivvies in most swims. There are no power points near Romany Bay or The Cove.

Q. Is there much weed in Mar-Peche?
A. Every year is different and the situation can change very quickly in Spring and early summer, depending on water levels and the amount of sunshine. We keep a constant eye on it and treat the weed as and when we can. 90% of the time there is some weed; enough to make the fishing interesting but not usually enough to cause a problem. In the unlikely event of a fish becoming 'weeded', we do supply a boat with bouyancy-aid jackets, if you wish to use one.  Use of the boat is strictly for the above reason only and anyone seen out in the boat not wearing a ‘life’ jacket will be asked to leave immediately.

Q. How deep is Mar-Peche and what's the lake bed like?
A. Mar-Peche averages 12-13 feet in depth in mid-summer but this does depend on levels as obviously the lake is highest in early Spring and lowest around November time. It is a little shallower in some places and a little deeper in others. The lake bed is quite firm all over; a sandy bottom with small amounts of silt in the deeper areas. Contour-wise, Mar-Peche has a fairly flat bottom with no steep bars or plateaus.

Q. Do I need to buy a French fishing license?
A. No licenses are required as Mar-Peche is a fully enclosed, private water. If you wish to fish the local rivers or public lakes, then a license is required and these can be obtained in most towns, in either small fishing tackle shops or in some bars.

Q. How will I find Mar-Peche on my first visit?
A. We only give the exact location of the lake to customers who have fully paid so you will not find these details on our website. This is done intentionally, so as to ensure your complete privacy whilst at the lake. We don't want any strangers walking around! After you have fully paid you will be sent our Anglers Guide which gives you full directions, including what to enter into your sat/nav.  If you haven't received one within two weeks of your visit then it is likely to be due to us not having your full address, in which case you should contact your party leader or us directly.

Q. How safe is Mar-Peche?
A. The lake is fully fenced with no public rights of way. Both gates are secured with combination locks, the numbers of which are given to you on arrival.We never get any security problems at Mar-Peche but it is of course sensible to be vigilant at all times!

Q. When do Mar-Peche fish spawn?
A. They spawn anytime from mid April through to end August and spawning can last 1-3 days so if you are paranoid about this then you should book March or Sept onwards! Some years they don't spawn at all.

Q. I hear that crayfish and poisson-chat (the small French catfish) are present – are they a problem?
A. Both are present in Mar-Peche but neither are a serious problem if you make sure that the boilies you bring are quite hard. If you turn up with soft boilies then they will not last very long (the same applies on nearly all French carp waters). You must air-dry them until they are firm all the way through as a hard skin/soft centre will not be good enough. It's not a bad idea to bring along some particle baits, such as tiger nuts, brazil nuts etc as these are very hard and will resist any attentions from other species. The same applies to imitation plastic baits so you could bring along some of them too. So don't forget to buy your boilies well in advance of your trip, leaving you enough time to air-dry them properly before making tracks to Mar-Peche.

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