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Winter Syndicate

What a month December turned out to be !  We'd been due a very mild winter for years and at last one had arrived.  But it's no good having great weather unless you've got good anglers on the bank and fortunately in December we had just that !  No less than seven huge fish graced the bank in December, including one on Xmas Day and another on New Year's Eve but even more amazing is the fact that the average weight of those seven fish was an incredible 65 pounds !  There surely can't be another carp fishery in the world with such a high average? 

'Friar' John was on the scoresheet on Dec 1st at 9.30pm with a lovely big fat mirror, known as The Dark One, at a very pleasing 66.4.  Shortly after that, it was the highly-experienced Barry Mills' turn with a fantastic 82.4 from Goose Point - just 4 oz short of the fishery record.  MP regular, Graham Wall was next with a fabulous pair of 60's from Fallen Tree - the first, a fish he'd caught before but 8 lbs up since last capture at 66.10, followed by another beauty of 64.1.  After that it was new syndicate members, David and Steve Wiles' session on the lake; David went into the Fallen Tree swim whilst Steve set up next door in The Jetty and on Xmas day David landed a superb commmon of 59 lbs. What a Xmas present !  After a couple of blank days, Steve moved to Heron Point and David to Harrison's where he very soon had a 51 mirror on the bank.  Steve was having none of it and proceeded to land a superb mirror of 67.2 on New Year's Eve (he also had a 52 pounder before leaving) - what a fantastic December - beats what most carp anglers are doing at this time of the year - sitting at home with their feet up ! ! !

For more information and photos on the Winter Syndicate please refer to the Winter Syndicate thread on our Forum.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

66.4 M          John Tarr         Fallen Tree
82.4 M          Barry Mills        Goose Point
66.10 M        Graham Wall     Fallen Tree
64.1 M          Graham Wall     Fallen Tree
59.0 C          David Wiles       Fallen Tree
51.0 M         David Wiles       Harrison's
67.2 M         Steve Wiles       Heron Point
52 M         Steve Wiles       Heron Point


David and Steve Wiles landed 3 big fish during the last few days of December and during the same session on the 1st January Steve had a 52 pounder before making tracks back to England.

The mild weather continued for another week or two, but no more carp were caught in January, until evenually some very cold weather settled in at the end of the month.


The lake was frozen for about 10 days as day after day of -16 degrees took its tool. After that, Charlie Ratchford managed to fish Heron Point for 3 nights and landed 1 fish - a 26lb mirror. Serious fishing by the syndicate started towards the end of the month but nothing else came out.

MARCH 2012

In early March, Barry Mills landed a 33lb common from Heron Point and despite the lake being fished quite heavily for the last couple of weeks, the last fish of the syndicate period was landed on the 15th March by 'Friar' John - a 33.8lb mirror from Goose Point. The amount of fish that came out at the end was of course disappointing and so to was the size of the fish - the last 3 being well below average size.

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