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Winter Syndicate - 2013

The winter season started off fairly quietly. Very high pressure and still conditions didn't help but during a 72 hr window of lower pressure there were 5 runs and 4 fish landed. Paul White had a 61,0m and a 38m from Romany Bay. Carl Davis had 58.8m and a 61,0m from left hobbits. Both of these 61s are new 60s.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

58.8m - Left Hobbits - Carl Davis
61.0m - Left Hobbits - Carl Davis
61.0m - Romany Bay - Paul White

Winter Syndicate - 25 December 2013

Joris Wauten caught a 77lb fish on Christmas Day! He fished with his partner Lily on a 3 day session.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

77.0m - Joris Wauten

Winter Syndicate - 2014

Only three anglers gave the lake a try between early Jan and end of March! Two blanked, but Alan Meadows fished Fallen Tree for a few days during the third week of March and managed a respectable 51 pound mirror. No-one was on hand to take pics so Alan photographed the rather fat fish on the mat!

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