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Week Commencing 3 September 2011
Regular visitor to Mar Peche Graham Wall fished Harrison's and had 3 fish including a 63.14 common at it's top recorded weight.

Barry Wright was pleased to draw his favorite peg and even more pleased to land his PB in the form of Barby Jo @ 76.4, as well as 2 other fish. 

Billy Warner fished left Hobbits all week. After loosing a fish there he moved to The Nook on Friday night after Barry had gone home and landed a 43.6m

Gary Fenn shared the Jetty and had a Friday night common of 44.0

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

58.8m       Barry Wright   The Nook
76.4m       Barry Wright   The Nook
43.6m       Billy Warner    The Nook
42.8m       Graham Wall   Harrison's
56.2m       Graham Wall   Harrison's
63.14c      Graham Wall    Harrison's
44.0c        Gary Fenn       Jetty

Week Commencing 10 September 2011
The second week in September Autumn arrived with some fairly chilly nights and warm days. 

Top Rod was Ray Emerson who fished Fallen Tree and had 4 fish to 59.4lbs.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

50.4       Ray Emerson     Fallen Tree
51.4       Ray Emerson     Fallen Tree
59.4       Ray Emerson     Fallen Tree
40.6       Brian Forshaw   Right Hobbits
46.2       Mark Smith       Heron Point
45.9       Jimmy Rogers    Squirells Drey


Week Commencing 17 September 2011
The third week of Sept was the worst for captures since February !  Only three carp were landed, A few fish were seen through the week at the shallower end but virtually nothing was seen anywhere else on the lake - amazing.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

57.6 M             Steve Wiles            Heron Point
44.1 M             Pat Corbett            The Jetty
53.12 M           John Shrives           Goose Point


Week Commencing 24 September 2011
Just when Jason Williams thought his 77 would be the biggest fish of the week, Freaky Friday strikes again! It's now almost certain that Barbie-Jo will be over the magical 80 lb barrier this winter after Bill Phillips landed her at a colossal 78.15 during the early hours of Saturday morning.  Her tail is looking better and better and there's no stopping her now.  Apart from the two leviathans getting caught, only three other carp were landed as the fishing continued to be very hard with record high temperatures.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

57.8       Mark Fletcher       Heron Point
52.15     Daniel Bowling      Harrison's
77.0       Jason Williams      The Nook
48.15     Bill Phillips            Fallen Tree
78.15     Bill Phillips            Fallen Tree


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