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Week Commencing 1 October 2011
The red hot weather continued for the first part of the week and then it changed to more ideal conditions but too late to save their sessions.  The biggest fish of the week fell to party leader, Ian Burton, in The Nook weighing 60 pounds and was a new '60'.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

60.0 M - Ian Burton - The Nook
54.4 M - Gary Hagues - Hobbits
43.0 M - Terry Bowler - Fallen Tree
46.0 M - Louis Coumo - Heron Point


Week Commencing 8 October 2011
Better conditions prevailed throughout the week and a brand new '70' was landed.  The fantastic Big Scale had obviously been hard on the munch, while every one was struggling to catch as it put on several pounds since last capture weighing-in at an amazing 74.8 !   Full marks to Phil Freeman who landed it in Harrison's.  Another amazing occurance was that Phil's son, Lee, announced at home that his biggest wish was to land a 60 mirror and a 50 common this week.  He told KM the same on arrival before he went into the Fallen Tree swim and by Tuesday he'd done it !  Another very happy man was Steve Steptoe who had two upper 50's in The Nook.  Carpy Carl also had high hopes but only managed a mid 30 from Hobbits.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

74.8 M          Phil Freeman          Harrison's
60.8 M          Lee Freeman          Fallen Tree
51.0 C          Lee Freeman          Fallen Tree     
57.4 M         Steve Steptoe          The Nook
59.10 M       Steve Steptoe           The Nook   


Week Commencing 15 October 2011
This week autumn arrived. The temperature dropped significantly causing heavy foggy mornings and a rapid decline in the water temperature resulting in a slow week. Three fish were landed and three were lost. The fish that were landed, however, were in tip top condition and at their heaviest weights.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

55.12c - Bob Nicholls - Goose Point
51.0m - Steve Potton Snr - Jetty
48.8c - Steve Potton Jnr - Jetty


Week Commencing 22 October 2011
An interesting week on Mar Peche. There were very few fish showing at the beginning of the week which changed on the last 2 nights with fish showing all over the lake. However, there were only three runs all week and only one fish landed by Paul Fowler a common of 54.0lbs.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

54.0c - Paul Fowler - Harrison's


Week Commencing 29 October 2011
The first week in November stayed very mild and the fish were quite active. All the fish caught were at their biggest ever. The week produced the first 80lb fish from the lake and another 2 new 60s.

Dennis McFetrich fished on Heron Point and caught the highlight of the week in Barbie Jo at 82.8lbs. Dennis also banked 3 x 40+ carp.

Dave Wiles fished in Harrison's and caught 3 x 60s and a 40. Including 2 fish that are new 60s.

Jeremy Gordon fished The Cove well and banked 2 x 50s including his PB at 54.14

Tony Lewis fished Right Hobbits and banked a brace of 40s and lost one.

Overall a much better week than of late. 12 fish were landed.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

82.8m - Dennis McFetrich - Heron Point
46.8m - Dennis McFetrich - Heron Point
47.4m - Dennis McFetrich - Heron Point
48.12m - Dennis McFetrich - Heron Point
47.13c - Dave Wiles - Harrison's
61.13m - Dave Wiles - Harrison's 

63.0m - Dave Wiles - Harrison's
68.3m - Dave Wiles - Harrison's
51.1m - Jeremy Gordon - The Cove
54.14m - Jeremy Gordon - The Cove
42.0c - Tony Lewis - Right Hobbits
44.4m - Tony Lewis - Right Hobbits


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