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Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

63.4m - Right Hobbits - Vincent King
49.4m - Harrison's - Chris Gray
46.12c - Harrison's - Chris Gray
53.0m - Harrison's - Chris Gray
62.4m - Harrison's - Chris Gray
42.4c - Harrison's - Dave Toland
49.8m - Fallen Tree - John Wrench
54.4m - Fallen Tree - John Wrench
40.0m - Jetty - Malcolm Rose

Week Commencing 4 October 2014
This week there were 11 carp landed to 63.4lbs. Top rod was Chris Gray who had 4 carp to 62.4 from Harrison's. There were 3 caught from Fallen Tree, 2 from right Hobbits, one from left hobbits and one from the jetty.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

42.0c - Jetty - Simon Bates
45.0m - Jetty - Simon Bates
56.8m - Fallen Tree - Paul Cook
58.0m - Fallen Tree - Paul Cook

Week Commencing 11 October 2014
This week there were 4 carp landed to 58lbs. There were 2 from the Jetty and 2 from Fallen Tree. Nobody fished in Heron point this week so many of the carp stayed up there all week.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

47.8c - Jetty - Mark Bushall
46.10m - Fallen Tree - Darren Noddings
45.0m - Fallen Tree - Darren Noddings
40.8c - Goose - Steve Kingston

Week Commencing 18 October 2014
This week on Mar Peche there were 4 carp landed. High pressure dominated all week and nothing really happened.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

45.0m - Left Hobbits - Peter Cox
58.4c - Left Hobbits - Peter Cox
87.0m - Left Hobbits - Peter Cox
59.0c - Harrison's - Ian Gray

Week Commencing 25 October 2014
This week there were 7 carp landed to 87lbs. Top rod was Peter Cox who caught 5 fish from Left Hobbits to 87.

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