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Week Commencing 5 October 2013
A week of 2 halves. There was high pressure and calm, warm conditions at the beginning of the week and low pressure, cool and windy at the end of the week. There were 13 carp landed this week to 59.12.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

50.0m - Nook - Mark Bushall
50.0m - Nook - Mark Bushall
51.13m - Nook - Mark Bushall
47.0c - Harrison's - Mark Fletcher
54.8m - Harrison's - Mark Fletcher
54.2c - Jetty - Steve Kingston
40.0c - Jetty - Steve Kingston
42.0m - Jetty - Steve Kingston
53.6m - Goose - Richard Tyler
58.4m - Left Hobbits - Craig Large
59.12m - Right Hobbits - Hadrian Tweedie

Week Commencing 12 October 2013
This week there 8 fish landed between 5 anglers. 63.8 was the biggest to Adam Potterson in Fallen Tree. Chris Thompson weighed in a fish at 55lbs from the Jetty. After looking at the photos this was IDed as Jo Jr which is approx. 63lb. It was then realised that Chris' scales bottom out at 55lbs.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

63.8m - Fallen Tree - Adam Potterson
55.0m - Jetty - Chris Thompson
51.0m - Jetty - Chris Thompson
49.12m - Left Hobbits - Gary Hague
55.4c - Left Hobbits - Gary Hague
44.8m - Right Hobbits - Ian Burton
47.12m - Right Hobbits - Ian Burton
52.0m - Right Hobbits - Ian Burton

Week Commencing 19 October 2013
This week there were 4 anglers on the lake and 5 carp were landed. After spending 5 nights in Harrison's Steve Scott moved up to Goose point where he had seen fish jumping. After catching a 59.8m; he caught Barbie Jo at her top weight of 84.0lbs a new lake record.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

43.8m - Jetty - Andy Clark
64.0m - Fallen Tree - Mick Fowler
59.8m - Goose - Steve Scott
84.0m - Goose - Steve Scott

Week Commencing 26 October 2013
This week there were 5 carp landed. Steve Kingston who has 3 fish from the Nook.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

48.8m - Nook - Steve Kingston
59.2c - Nook - Steve Kingston
82.12m - Nook - Steve Kingston

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