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4 Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

42.4m - Alan Shaw - Romany Bay
54.0m - Alan Glover - Right Hobbits
51.12m - Mark Shaw - Jetty

Week Commencing 2 July 2011
9 anglers caught 4 fish this week, but had 11 takes. A warm week, strong SW wind blowing all week.

Week Commencing 9 July 2011
The second week in July was a settled week and fairly cool for the time of year. 7 anglers had 12 takes and landed 6 fish, 3 of which were 60lb+ including our 2nd 60+ common. That is the 22nd different 60 in the lake.

Alan Glover

Alan Shaw

Mark Shaw

Week Commencing 23 July 2011
At the beginning of the week the unusually cold and wet July weather continued. The fish have been very moody for a couple of weeks now, however, 6 fish were landed and 5 were lost. Steve Bailey was top rod in Harrison's and landed 3 and lost 3, including Barby Jo who's broken tail is on the mend and looks a whole lot better. Not to be outdone Graham Gripps caught Rambo from the Nook a couple of days later at 76.0lbs, a good weight for him at this time of year. Kristian Nilsson watched carp in Romany Bay all week and managed to stalk a 44.0m late in the week.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

76.0m - Graham Cripps - The Nook          
44.0m - Kristian Nilsson - Fallen Tree          
48.0m - Steve Bailey - Harrison's              
62.0m - Steve Bailey - Harrison's                   
72.12m - Steve Bailey - Harrison's 

6 Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

65.4m - Neville Wright - Harrison's
62.0c - Colin Johnson - The Nook
44.1m - Jason Williams - Fallen Tree
60.04m - Jason Williams - Fallen Tree

Week Commencing 16 July 2011
Catch rates continued to be poor with exceptionally cold weather and several inches of cold rain lowering the water temperature.  Seven carp were landed and three lost.  

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

51.7 C - Bill Phillips - Fallen Tree
52.4 M - Baz Goode - Heron Point
49.6 M - Brian Swinyard - The Jetty
44.0 M - Tony Owen - Goose Point
44.0 M - Tony Owen - Goose Point
45.8 C - Ben Ascott - Harrisons
59.2 L - Allan Pike - R/Hobbits

Week Commencing 30 July 2011
A funny week on Mar Peche a lot of thunder storms and heavy rain, in between baking sunshine. 7 anglers had 15 runs between them and landed 9 fish.Top rod was Jon Holmes who fished Right Hobbits who landed 4 fish and lost 3.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

57.8m - Robert Utting - Harrison's             
42.10m - Graham Chenney - Left Hobbits           52.0m - Graham Chenney - Left Hobbits          
53.8m - Jon Holmes - Right Hobbits        
58.8m - Jon Holmes - Right Hobbits        
57.8m - Dave Clark - Heron  

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