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Week Commencing 6 August 2011
The second week in August proved to be fairly tough fishing. There were 12 runs and 5 carp landed and 2 cats.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

59.4m - Graham Wall - The Nook                  
65.0c - Graham Wall - The Nook                  58.0m - Kerry Saint - Fallen Tree               
55.0m - Peter Clifford - Right Hobbits 

Week Commencing 13 August 2011
Typical August weather, hot and humid with the odd thunder storm this week.
There were 15 runs and 7 fish were landed. Top rod was Kevin Goodsell who fished Heron Point and landed 4 carp.Stuart England had a strange event on Friday morning that ended in him going out in the boat and landing Barby Jo at an increased weight of 74.3lbs.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

48.3m - Will Brand - Right Hobbits               
74.3m - Stuart England - The Nook                     
47.0m - Kevin Goodsell - Heron Point                   54.0m - Kevin Goodsell - Heron Point                   55.0m - Kevin Goodsell - Heron Point                   50.04c - Colin Wilde - Harrison's            

Week Commencing 20 August 2011
About 12 fish were hooked during the fourth week of August.  It was a red hot week until near the end when the temperatures dropped sharply with the arrival of low pressure.  Top rod was Kevin Cornelius in The Nook hooking six fish. A total of only seven carp were banked.  One cat was landed and another one 'spooled off' Shane in Harrison's.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

51.8 M - Kevin Cornelius - The Nook
48.7 M - Kevin Cornelius - The Nook
57.7 M - Kevin Cornelius - The Nook
60.8 M - Shane Salmon - Harrison's
42.0 M - Shaun Thomas - Squirell's Dray
52.0 M - Phil Fowler - Heron Point

Week Commencing 27 August 2011
A very interesting week for all this week. There were 16 carp landed and 4 lost. Top rod by far was Alf Macenka who fished Fallen Tree and caught 14 fish including Big Scale at 68lb, Rambo at 75.11lb and a previously uncaught common of 26.1lb. He spodded particle mix to a mark approx 70 - 80 yards out, fishing boilies and particle over the top and caught most of the fish from here.

Joe Hill fished Goose Point and had a 57.5m and lost 2.

Peter Lane shared the Jetty with his son Connor and had a 62.8m, Connor was unlucky to pull out of one on Friday night.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

57.5 - Joe Hill - Goose Point
62.8 - Peter Lane - Jetty
44.6 - Alf Macenka - Fallen Tree
44.15 - Alf Macenka - Fallen Tree
45.8 - Alf Macenka - Fallen Tree
44.12 - Alf Macenka - Fallen Tree
50.10 - Alf Macenka - Fallen Tree
52.4 - Alf Macenka - Fallen Tree
56.1 - Alf Macenka - Fallen Tree
58.7 - Alf Macenka - Fallen Tree
68.8 - Alf Macenka - Fallen Tree
75.11 - Alf Macenka  - Fallen Treet

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