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Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

54.0m - Goose - Steve Cooper

Week Commencing 2 August 2014
This week there were only 4 anglers on the lake. 2 fished in hobbits and the other 2 fished in Harrison's. Steve Cooper moved from Left Hobbits to Goose for a night after seeing fish on the tree line and had a 54.0m.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

47.14m - Heron - Bruce Walker
52.12m - Heron - Bruce Walker
47.13c - R/Hobbits - Graham Smith
48.9c - R/Hobbits - Graham Smith
50.7m - R/Hobbits - Graham Smith
43.0m - Goose - Lee Beaven

Week Commencing 9 August 2014
This week there were 8 carp landed. there were 3 from Heron Point for Bruce Walker to 52lb and 3 from Right Hobbits for Graham Smith.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

43.3m - Fallen Tree - Dave Cunningham
48.12m - Fallen Tree - Dave Cunningham
50.3m - Fallen Tree - Dave Cunningham
50.10c - Fallen Tree - Dave Cunningham
62.0m - Fallen Tree - Dave Cunningham
42.0m - Heron - Paul Smith
55.3c - Nook - Shaun Mayor

Week Commencing 16 August 2014
This week on Mar Peche there were 18 carp landed to 80lbs between 4 anglers. There were no loses. Top rod was John Bentham who banked 9 fish from Goose point for 457lbs. Dave Cunningham landed 7 carp from Fallen Tree.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

53.8m - Right Hobbits - Paul Pilgrem
42.5m - Heron - Martin Green
52.12c - Heron - Martin Green
49.0c - Fallen Tree - Dave Cunningham
65.4c - Fallen Tree - Dave Cunningham
46.8c - Nook - John Bentham
48.8m - Nook - John Bentham
57.4m - Nook - John Bentham
61.12m - Nook - John Bentham
63.0m - Nook - John Bentham

Week Commencing 23 August 2014
This week there were 14 carp landed. Top rod was John Bentham who caught 6 carp from the Nook to 63.0lbs. Dave Cunningham had 3 fish to 65.4 from the Fallen Tree and went home on Tuesday. Martin Green set off in Harrison's and after seeing fish crash in Heron moved and caught 3 fish to 52.12.


45.8m - Goose - John Bentham
45.8m - Goose - John Bentham
48.0m - Goose - John Bentham
51.0c - Goose - John Bentham
54.8c - Goose - John Bentham
61.12m - Goose - John Bentham
80.0m - Goose - John Bentham

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

43.0c - Right Hobbits - Nick Severn
45.8m - Nook - Les Fright
72.0m - Nook - Les Fright

Week Commencing 30 August 2014
This week there were 3 carp landed to 72lbs. In spite of fish jumping and bubbling all over the lake. The fish seem to feeding on something natural making it difficult to catch them. Well done to Les Fright who had Rambo at 72lbs from the Nook.

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