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Week commencing 7 April 2012

Certainly a week of 2 halves this week. In the early part of the week Ian Burton managed to bank a 33 linear and a 39m from fallen tree whilst the rest of the anglers had no action. On Friday afternoon there were at least 30 fish cruising on the top in the bay to the right of Heron which were all covered in clay. They looked as if they had just woken up.

During the next 15 hours there were 3 fish landed and 2 fish lost. Many more carp were seen crashing.

Friday evening Terry Bowler landed a 56.4 common from right hobbits. On Saturday morning Terry let his good wife, Andrea, hit a run on his rods and she banked a 51.8 mirror.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

51.8m - Angela Bowler - Right Hobbits
56.4c - Terry Bowler - Right Hobbits

Week commencing 14 April 2012

The third week in April saw typical April weather, sunshine and showers, some strong southerly winds with temperatures up to 15 degrees. The smaller fish in the lake are on the move and 8 anglers had 14 fish between them. Tom Rice fished Heron Point and caught 5 fish to 52.8 and Greg Richardson fished Gosse Point and also had 5 fish to 56.14. One fish was landed from the Nook and Harrison's and 2 fish from Fallen tree.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

47.14c - Carl Davis - The Nook
44.12m - Tom Rice - Heron
48.4m - Tom Rice - Heron
52.8c - Tom Rice - Heron
44.10m - Tom Rice - Heron
40.10c - Greg Richardson - Goose
40.12m - Greg Richardson - Goose
56.14c - Greg Richardson - Goose

Week commencing 21 April 2012

The 4th week in April was very wet. It rained almost all week, with strong SW winds. The fishing slowed down a little, however, there were 14 fish were landed. We saw the first 60+ of the year and two more followed. The highlight of the week was seeing Barbie Jo on the bank for the first time this year.

Steve Whittington was top rod with 8 fish from Fallen Tree to 61.8.
Alistair Myles had a 64.8 and a Friday night fish in the form of Barbie Jo @ 81.0lbs. The fish looked very fit and significant regrowth of her tail is evident.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

51.4m               Left Hobbits          Geoff Price
40.4c                Fallen Tree            Steve Whittington
50.12m             Fallen Tree            Steve Whittington
61.8m               Fallen Tree            Steve Whittington
48.2m               Fallen Tree            Steve Whittington
46.8m               Fallen Tree            Steve Whittington
58.7m               Fallen Tree            Steve Whittington
61.0m               Fallen Tree            Steve Whittington
64.8m               Jetty                     Alistair Myles
81.0m               Jetty                     Alistair Myles

Week commencing 28 April 2012

A disapointing week on Mar Peche after all the signs on Saturday were good. The weather was a day of heavy rain followed a day of baking sunshine all week which seems to have put the fish off. The lake has risen 2-3 inches over the past week also due to all the recent rain.

There were 4 fish landed this week all for Mark Shirley on Heron Point. One fish was lost from the Jetty.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

47.12m              Heron          Mark Shirley
50.12m              Heron          Mark Shirley
79.4m                Heron          Mark Shirley

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