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Week Commencing 6 April 2013
This week on Mar Peche the cold north wind changed to a wet southerly. Although things warmed up a lot it rained almost all week.

One fish was caught from Harrison's, the Animal at it's top weight of 68.0lb.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

68.0m - Harrison's - Craig Barnard


Week Commencing 13 April 2013
This week the sun came out for the first time this year. The water temp is increasing all the time, however, the fish do not yet seem to have woken up properly. One fish was caught from Heron point at 57.12lbs.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

57.12m  - Heron - Ian Burton 

Week Commencing 20 April 2013
This week on Mar Peche it was hot and sunny for the first part of the week. Then on Friday we had rain all day. Romany bay was like an aquarium with around 40 fish milling about in the sunshine, they didn't seem very interested in feeding though. There were 2 fish caught early in the week, but in the last 36hrs there were a further 8 fish caught giving a total on 10 fish for the week. Top rod was Shaun Jones who landed 7 fish from left hobbits. Well done to him, top angling.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

43.0c - L/Hobbits - Shaun Jones
48.0m - L/Hobbits - Shaun Jones
48.8m - L/Hobbits - Shaun Jones
49.0m - L/Hobbits - Shaun Jones
58.8c - L/Hobbits - Shaun Jones
63.0m - L/Hobbits - Shaun Jones
46.0c - Fallen tree - Mark Rotton


Week Commencing 27 April 2013
A disappointing week on Mar Peche. 3 fish were landed. The continuation of a strange year. Heavy cold rain on Thursday and Friday increased the water level and reduced the water temperature.

Carp Caught - here are the over 40lbs

47m - Fallen Tree - Kevin Bull
43c - Harrison's - Peter Lane

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