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Fish Caught - here are the over 30lbs

32.6             Gary Holbrook          The Gremlins
49.2             Gary Holbrook          The Gremlins
41.4             Leon Soudet             Meercat
32.0             Mark Shaunacy          Climbing Tree
32.10           Mark Shaunacy          Climbing Tree
34.4             Mark Shaunacy          Climbing tree
36.0             Mark Shaunacy          Climbing Tree
31.0             Steve Young              Dredgers Point


Week Commencing 11 September 2011

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Fish Caught - here are the over 30lbs

38.0         Malcolm Rose         Meercat
31.0         Alan Rose              Climbing Tree
32.0         Alan Rose              Climbing Tree
33.8         Alan Rose              Climbing Tree
45.0         Alan Rose              Climbing Tree
33.8         Daniel Critchley      The Hideaway
35.2         Lyndon Jefferson    The Wynd

Week Commencing 25 September 2011
The last week in September was baking hot, high pressure and the fishing was fairly hard. 20 Carp were landed and about the same number were lost.

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