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Week Commencing 7 April 2013
This week the going was still very tough. There were 8 fish landed during a week that was very wet.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

32.8m - Tennis Court - Ryan Smith
40.8m - Trolls - Paul Smith



Week Commencing 14 April 2013
This week on Labyrinth it was a week of 2 halves. Nobody had a touch until Wednesday night, following which 16 fish were landed to 47.8 and several were lost.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

32m - Climbing Tree - Chris Noble
38.0m - Climbing Tree - Dan McAngus
37.8c - Climbing Tree - Dan McAngus
35.0m - Redwood - Gary Evans
47.8c - Redwood - Gary Evans




Week Commencing 21 April 2013
This week on Labyrinth things started to wake up. There were 48 fish landed from all over the lake. The start of things to come.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

37.0c - Dead Man's - Jamie Lee
34.0c - La Plage - Dan Aldridge
31.0c - Lichins - John Hewitt
45.0c - Lichins - John Hewitt
43.8m - Trolls - Derek
38.0m - Logs - Louis Gillingham
33.0m - Redwood - Brad Lara
43.0m - Redwood - Brad Lara



Week Commencing 28 April 2013
This week on Labyrinth the fishing started to pick up at the beginning of the week. Then on Thursday and Friday we had heavy, cold rain all day which lowered the temp of the water and put the fish off. 40 fish were landed to 58.3.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

36.0m - Trolls - Jamie Lee
35.4c - Stumps - Mick Wells
44.2m - Stumps - Mick Wells
31.3m - Climbing Tree - Richard Webb
36.8m - Climbing Tree - Richard Webb
39.13c - Climbing Tree - Richard Webb
40.4m - Climbing Tree - Richard Webb
58.3m - Roe Deer - Vidas Mikaliunas
37.4c - Dead Man's - Danny Dieker




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