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Fish Caught - here are the over 30lbs

49.2 M - Martyn Cooper - Dredger's Point
38.0 M - Paul Tarrant - Deadman's Creek
34.0 M - Jordan Wesley - The Trolls

Week Commencing 2 October 2011
The red hot weather continued for the first part of the week and when the low pressure finally arrived it was too late to save the session.  All four anglers that fished the lake landed carp with the biggest fish going 49.2.   Our poisson chat trappers were back and successfully removed several thousand more and top man, Keith, wanted to catch a decent barbel - he fished a few hours in the Barrage swim and in addition to a few big chub, he did manage to land a 12 lb barbel. 

Fish Caught - here are the over 20lbs

28.0M Mike Todd Deadman's Creek
45.0C Mike Todd Deadman's Creek
20.0M Chris Brooks Climbing Tree
24.0M Chris Brooks Climbing Tree
26.0C Chris Brooks Climbing Tree
32.0M Chris Brooks Climbing Tree
34.0C Chris Brooks Climbing Tree
37.0C Chris Brooks Climbing Tree


Week Commencing 9 October 2011
Although the lake continued to be a bit slow the second week of the month, the five anglers did land a few fish, Chris Brooks fished The Climing Tree and was top rod landing a respectable 12 fish up to 44lbs and at the other end of the Creek, Mike Todd landed fish up to 45lbs. Chris Greaves moved into The Niche for his last couple of days and had 7 fish to 34lbs. All in all a good week for everyone.

Fish Caught - here are the over 30lbs

30.14 - Audrius Lesinskas - Climbing Tree
33.02 - Audrius Lesinskas - Climbing Tree
33.04 - Audrius Lesinskas - Climbing Tree
33.02 - Nerijus Porvaneckis - Climbing Tree
37.08 - Nerijus Porvaneckis - Climbing Tree
39.09 - Alfredas and Roberta - Gremlins
33.00 - Nerijus Planciunas - Redwood
40.00 - Nerijus Planciunas - Redwood
37.08 - Nikolaj Kondratjev - Rock
33.02 - Ovidijus Aluzas - Stumps
33.02 - Ovidijus Aluzas - Stumps
43.04 - Tadas Stonys - Biff's Bay
44.04 - Tadas Stonys - Biff's Bay

Week Commencing 16 October 2011
Week started a bit slow but by Tuesday fish came on the feed and were well spread around the lake especially around the bays. 13 anglers gathered together from 5 different countries: England, Ireland, Lithuania, France, and Netherlands to meet and pull a few fish out as well as to have an enjoyable social week. There were more than 30 fish landed and about 15 lost. Top rods of the week were Audrius Lesinkas and Nerijus Porvaneckis in Climbing Tree fishing two rods each, they had 9 fish between them and had a couple of barbel from the river. All the guys brought some tigers and other seeds but most of the fish came out to boilies.

Fish Caught - here are the over 30lbs

40.14m - Bill Phillips - The Rock
31.11m - Bill Phillips - The Rock
33.6m - Bill Phillips - The Rock
37.0c - Barry Goode - Dredgers Point
33.0c - Danny Holloway - La Plage
37.0c - Danny Holloway - La Plage
59.12m - Danny Holloway - La Plage
32.2m - Tim Wootton - Climbing Tree
34.6c -Tim Wootton - Climbing Tree
37.4c - Tim Wootton -Climbing Tree
34.12m - Tim Wootton - Climbing Tree
31.6m - Tim Wootton - Climbing Tree
33.8 - Justin Little - Dugout

Week Commencing 23 October 2011
The third week in October saw the Labyrinth continue to fish well. 37 fish were landed by 7 anglers including a new lake record of 59.12m to Danny Holloway who fished La Plage. The bigger fish in the lake have been given something to think about with the introduction of 107 more fish over the past 2 weeks. These are part of the restocking program and we expect to have another 40-50 fish going in very soon.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

33.0c - Terry Day - Redwood
35.0m - Terry Day - Dugout
32.4m - Lyndon Jefferson - Lichens
32.4c - Neil Bate - Climbing Tree
37.11c - Neil Bate - Climbing Tree
42.13m - Mark Wheedon - Meercat


Week Commencing 30 October 2011
The first week in November remained mild and the fish continued to feed all over the lake. 5 anglers banked 34 carp.


44.0C Chris Brooks Climbing Tree
34.0C Chris Greaves The Niche
28.0M Chris Greaves The Niche
26.0M Chris Greaves The Niche
22.0M Chris Greaves The Niche
25.8M Chris Greaves The Niche
24.8M Chris Greaves The Niche
22.8C Chris Greaves The Niche


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