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Week Commencing 6 November 2011
The fishery normally closes at the end of the first week of November but two of our regular customers asked if they could have a final fling so Daniel Drake and Lewis Peddle had a few hectic days on Dredgers Point and landed 25 carp between them! 

Year End
It's been a busy year on the Labyrinth for us. Each year we look at the issues we can see and discuss the issues brought to us by all the anglers and attemp to come up with a plan to improve the fishery without taking anything away from it's natural charm.

This year we have addressed 4 main issues.

1. Snags. During the work parties in both April and August we pulled many of the large snags out from around the lake which has given the carp less places to hide.

2. Weed. We have spent many hours spraying the weed with some good results. However, we are learning all the time and we think we have a plan for next year that will be much more effective.

3. Poisson Chat. Since July we have been trapping poissons. With the aid and advice of Keith and Jordon Wesley. We have sucessfully removed well in excess of 2.5 tonnes of these little munchers. I'm sure that there are still many in the lake and we will continue to net them throughout the coming year, beginning with Keith bringing 150 Fyke nets over in April when we hope to catch them when they ball up to spawn. We will then continue to net them all year until we don't catch anymore.

4. Carp Stock. There have been several comments over the past couple of years about the stock level of carp in the lake. KM has spent much time sourcing some good quality, quick growing stock fish. For the past 6 weeks we've been catching, transporting and stocking the lake. As we were catching them we have had the opportunity to cherry pick the best quality fish, we returned around a third of what we caught. We have put an additional 200+ carp into the fishery. These are mainly mirrors between 10-15lbs. There were several larger fish stocked to 33lbs. This now brings the stock of the lake up to around 600+ fish (not quite had time to count them all yet). Please see the pictures for a selection of the fish stocked.

I for one am really looking forward to seeing the effect of our actions next year. If we have been sucessful in what we have tried to achieve the result should be that the carp will put between 5-10lbs on next year and on into the future. A 5lb growth rate would mean that there would be in excess of 100 x 40lb+ fish and at least 15 x 50's and several 60s.

Should anyone have any questions or suggestions for the future please shout.

Thank you to Keith and Jordon for their help and advice. Thanks to Ryan "the rower".
Also thanks to KM for providing me with the opportunity.

Tight lines

John Hewitt

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