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Week Commencing 11 November 2012
This week on Labyrinth John Hewitt took the opportunity to do a bit of fishing for a change. He fished from Dead Man's Creek out into the main body of the lake and caught 13 fish including 4 different 40+ fish.

Week Commencing 17 Novmber 2012
This week John Hewitt continued his session and caught 18 fish inc 6 x 40s to 48.8 for a total of 621 lbs. Please see the footage in the video section from the home page.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

37.0 - John Hewitt
42.0 - John Hewitt
45.0 - John Hewitt
46.8 - John Hewitt
47.0 - John Hewitt



Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

36.0 - John Hewitt
48.8 - John Hewitt




Week Commencing 24 Novmber 2012
This week 3 of the Chain Saw gang came over to Labyrinth. We took several large trees down and also made Roedeer and Meercat into double swims to meet demand.

Iain Payne fished in Roedeer and had a 39.4c.
Dave Head fished in Meercat and moved to Redwood. He landed 4 fish.
Biff fished in Lichens and then moved to Climbing Tree and he also landed 4 fish
John Hewitt continued his session for the 3rd week and fished from Dead Man's Creek where he caught 14 fish.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

39.4c - Roe Deer - Iain Payne
35.0m - Dead Man's - John Hewitt
30.0c - Dead Man's - John Hewitt
42.0m - Dead Man's - John Hewitt
41.12m - Dead Man's - John Hewitt
54.0m - Dead Man's -John Hewitt




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