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Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

38.12c - Dead Man's - Jon Bentham
30.0m - Dead Man's - Jon Bentham
34.4c - Dead Man's - Jon Bentham
35.4m - Dead Man's - Jon Bentham



Week Commencing 5 Aug 2012
Jon Bentham enjoyed a peaceful week on Labyrinth with Susan. He landed 9 fish to 38.12lbs. This ended a 26 night session where Jon had landed 54 carp to 41.4.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

35.0c - Meercat - Alf Macenka
36.0m - Meercat - Alf Macenka
39.0c - Meercat - Alf Macenka
30.0m - Stumps - Andy Allison
33.0m - Stumps - Andy Allison
33.8m - Stumps - Andy Allison
30.8m - Climbing Tree - Connor Lane



Week Commencing 12 Aug 2012
A very hot week this week which saw some of the fish spawn again. There were 46 fish landed from all over the lake. Meercat, The Wynd, Stumps and Climbing Tree all produced 7 fish.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

41m - Goblins - Grant Critchley
38.4m - La Plage - Terry Penfold
39.2m - La Plage - Terry Penfold
44.4m - Dredgers - Richard
46.0m - Meercat - Tony
34.8m - The Rock - Danny



Week Commencing 19 Aug 2012
13 carp were landed in a week of 2 halves. First part of the week was very hot and still, second half was cooler and windy.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

35.8m - Trolls - Gordon Cornelius
52.8m - Trolls - Gordon Cornelius
60.1m - Trolls - Gordon Cornelius
35.4m - Meercat - Peter Housden
42.0m - Meercat - Peter Housden
39.3c - Redwood - Ricky Crane
39.8c - La Plage - Tim Van Der Werf
30.0c - La Plage - Tim Van Der Werf
33.0m - La Plage - Tim Van Der Werf
31.8m - Roe Deer Bay - Tom Stimson
43.0m - Roe Deer Bay - Tom Stimson



Week Commencing 26 Aug 2012
This week 28 Carp were landed by 8 anglers topped by Gordon Cornelius who landed the first 60lb fish to caught from the lake. He soon followed this up with a 52m as well. Everybody caught on the lake and 3 x 40's were also landed. The bigger fish now seem to be getting more active as the weed is starting to die back and the natural larder is depleating.

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