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Fish Caught - here are the over 30lbs

30.0m - Pieter De Munnik - Climbing Tree          
37.12c - Pieter De Munnik- Climbing Tree          
30.0m - Rudie De Kracker - Redwood Bay          
30.0m - John Bentham - Dead Man's              
34.0m - John Bentham - Dead Man's       

Week Commencing 7 Aug 2011
Rudie De Kracker started off in the Rock and then moved into Redwood bay after seeing and hearing fish in there. He spent the last 2 nights there and had 5 runs and landed 3 fish. Pieter De Munnik started off in La Plage and moved to the Climbing tree for 3 nights where he had 4 runs and landed 3 fish. John Bentham fished 5 out of 7 nights during the week in Dead Man's and landed 9 fish.

Fish Caught - here are the over 30lbs

25.4 - Andy Deakin - La Plage
28.8 - Andy Deakin - La Plage
28.12 - Andy Deakin - La Plage
30.8 - John Bentham - Dead Man's
37.4 - John Bentham - Dead Man's
38.4 - John Bentham - Dead Man's
25.8 - Mark Jones - Lichens

Week Commencing 14 Aug 2011
5 anglers shared over 35 fish during the week including 2 x 50's and an upper 40.

Andy Deakin fished La Plage and had 8 fish. Here are some of them.

Mark Jones fished Lichens and only managed to land one fish, however, it was his first trip to France and he learnt many things.

John Bentham stayed in Dead Man's Creek for the week and had 12 fish to 47lb.

Paul Smith started off in Meercat and after having several fish he banked his PB at 52.3lbs. The following day he moved to Roe Deer Bay and caught a 57.10m amoungst others. Well done Paul.

Ryan Smith started the week in Hoggles and had 7 fish before moving to Dredgers Point on Saturday where he had anothe fish.

Fish Caught - here are the over 30lbs

30.4 - Barry Lee - Climbing Tree
32.0 - Barry Lee - Climbing Tree
32.8 - Barry Lee - Climbing Tree
33.0 - Barry Lee - Climbing Tree
33.8 - Barry Lee - Climbing Tree
33.12 - Barry Lee - Climbing Tree
34.8 - Barry Lee - Climbing Tree
41.4 - Barry Lee - Climbing Tree


Week Commencing 21 Aug 2011
The last week in August we had a working party where we spent the time removing some major snags from around the lake and clearing the track. We also trapped many poison chat with Fyke nets. This of course disturbed the fish and kept them moving around. 52 fish were landed. Top rod by far was regular Laby visitor Barry Lee who broke the record by landing 25 fish from the Climbing Tree in 6 nights.

John Bentham stayed in Dead Man's Creek for his final week and had another 8 fish topped by a 52.4m.

Paul Smith on his second week had another 8 fish from Roedeer Bay, Redwood and Dead Man's where he moved when John left on Friday.

Ryan Smith had 4 more fish from Dredgers and La Plage.

Fish Caught - here are the over 30lbs

29.2 - Jamie Lee - Climbing Tree
38.8 - Jamie Lee - Dredgers Point
32.10 - Ryan Smith - La Plage
41.0 - Ryan Smith - Dead Man's Creek
62.8 - John Hewitt - River Yonne, Barrage Swim, Labyrinth

Week Commencing 28 Aug 2011
The last week in August Jamie Lee and his wife had the lake to themselves. They fished in 3 different swims and caught from each; a total of 4 fish. Ryan Smith fished later in the week for a couple of nights and caught 3 fish. John Hewitt fished on the river in the Barage Swim and had a 62.8m.


32.12 - John Bentham - Dead Man's
33.0 - John Bentham - Dead Man's
52.4 - John Bentham - Dead Man's
30.8 - Paul Smith - Dead Man's
32.10 - Paul Smith - Dead Man's
36.8 - Paul Smith - Dead Man's
34.2 - Ryan Smith - La Plage


30.0 - Paul Smith - Meercat
31.12 - Paul Smith - Meercat
52.3 - Paul Smith - Meercat
57.10 - Paul Smith - Roe Deer
33.4 - Ryan Smith - Hoggles
35.4 - Ryan Smith - Hoggles

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