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Week Commencing 4 August 2013
This week on Labyrinth we had a work party. We improved the track and opened up the swims, a continuous task. Thank you to all those involved for all their hard work. There were 43 carp landed during the week. Everybody caught.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

38.8c - Dead Man's - John Bentham
41.0m - Dead Man's - John Bentham
37.8c - Dead Man's - John Bentham
35.0m - Dead Man's - John Bentham
32.0m - Dead Man's - John Bentham
39.0m - La Plage - Neville Blackman
30.5m - Tennis Court - Ryan Smith
30.0m - Tennis Court - Ryan Smith
30.10m - Logs - Ryan Smith
36.4c - Tennis Court - Ryan Smith
31.4m - Logs - Ryan Smith
38.2m - Tennis Court - Ryan Smith
32.0m - Logs - Ryan Smith


Week Commencing 11 August 2013
This week on Labyrinth there were 32 carp landed. Ryan Smith caught 7 fish from 3 different swims. His dad, Paul, caught 7 from hoggles and Climbing Tree. Scott Phillips caught 8 fish from Redwood

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

42.12c - Logs - Ryan Smith
37.2m - Stalking - Ryan Smith
37.0c - Hoggles - Paul Smith
32.8c - Climbing Tree - Paul Smith
30.12m - Redwood - Scott Phillips
40.8m - Redwood - Scott Phillips


Week Commencing 18 August 2013 - Doubles Competition
This week 8 pairs battled it out for the chance to win cash prizes. It was an excellent week and each team caught. Towards the end of the week the competition became more intense when there was only a few pounds separating the top 3 teams.

The winning team was Team Towie, from Norfolk, Gavin Knights and Sam Brown with 488.10lbs from Redwood. Runners up were "Golden Balls" Paul and Ryan Smith who fished La Plage and Dead Man's for 431.9lbs. Towards the end of the week a lot of fish moved into the back bay and team "Monster Munch", Carl Halliday and James Osborne reached 386.8lbs, finishing 3rd. Carl also caught the biggest fish for the week @ 49lbs. "Crafty Carpers" Greg Hampshire and Steven Lacey fished Climbing Tree and Niche and came 4th with 342.0lbs.

A fantastic first time event. Plans are now afoot to hold another competition next year. Details will appear on the website and on the facebook page when finalised.

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Week Commencing 25 August 2013
This week on Labyrinth 8 anglers landed 44 fish including 8 over 40lbs.

Fish Caught - here are some of the over 30lbs

31.12m - La Plage - Neil Simpson
42.2c - La Plage - Neil Simpson
33.0c - Redwood - John Liddel
42.0m - Redwood - John Liddel
42.0c - Redwood - John Liddel
41.0c - Rock - Kevin Cornealius
42.0c - Stalking - Kevin Cornealius
31.0m - Rock - Kevin Cornealius


34.0c - Rock - Kevin Cornealius
39.0m - Rock - Kevin Cornealius
35.8c - Dredgers - Stuart England
39.0c - Dredgers - Stuart England
42.8c - Dredgers - Dan England
30.10c - Trolls - Shane Salmon
46.0m - Trolls - Shane Salmon


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